Christmas Message and Temporary Closure

Christmas Message

From Museum Curator

Lindsey Bavin

I can safely say this year has been better than the last. Although the Museum remained closed to the public until mid-May we used that time to do some necessary renovations. You may have noticed the kitchen is looking a lot lighter and brighter, the toilets have a fresh coat of paint and the Old Smithy was temporarily transformed into an art gallery for our Those that go down to the Sea in Ships Maritime Art Exhibition. Even the cleaning cupboard has been sorted and cleaned thanks to our new volunteer, Mandy.

In January we had some film crews in (permission was granted by the Borough Council and Covid safe working practice followed). The Museum appeared on BBC’s Bargain Hunt and the Discovery Channel’s Help my House is Haunted. The latter has improved our Museum hires by paranormal groups which helps to fund some of our community projects.

Projects like Great Change- Oral History Project which recorded people’s stories from the pandemic and the past is ongoing, although the exhibition portion of the project
is on display until the end of January 2022 if you would like to see it. We are still looking for people’s stories so if you would like to share any
memories of the North End, King’s Lynn, the war or events in the past get in touch!

Though we have endured the worst of it, being closed for almost half a year, on top of being only able to open for 16 weeks in 2020 did make a serious dent in income. The
Heritage Lottery Fund and King’s Lynn Borough Council have provided essential aid and we are all grateful for their support but we will still need a strong fundraising
programme in 2022. On my Christmas wish list is a new boiler, roof repairs, double glazing, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

It is not all doom and gloom though, we were still able to celebrate the Museum’s 30th anniversary with a series of events in the autumn and a huge thank you to everyone who attended or made a contribution. The support of the community is essential to True’s Yard.

So on behalf of all here at True’s Yard I have the pleasure of wishing you all, a very Merry Christmas. We hope to see you in the New Year!            

The Museum will close on 22nd December 2021 and Reopen on 11th January 2022.