Heritage Lottery Fund Project

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Because items within the collection require different environments for their preservation, each of the three attic storage areas have been designated to store specific types of material. Items have been moved into the appropriate stores. The addition of dataloggers, to monitor the environment, and a dehumidifier to the store containing the most sensitive material will help to create and monitor a suitable environment.

At the moment volunteers for the project are made up of 7 existing (target was 6) and 8 new. Ideally we need to recruit a few more for the oral history element of the project.

Tasks being undertaken are…

  • Sorting the library to make it more user friendly
  • Accessioning the collection (that is, each item to have a unique number)
  • Packing the collection into archival quality storage materials
  • Scanning items onto a computer. These digital images will go on-line at a later date
  • Indexing and developing the Historic Book Collection.
  • Cataloguing of the framed picture collection. Well over 150 to date.
  • Indexing and updating of the sound recordings collection.
  • Organisation of oral history training. (Ongoing discussions with Holly at St Nicholas to form a partnership project)
  • Cataloguing of the collection (awaiting an upgrade of the collection management software, in hand)
  • Items needing conservation are being identified as the collection is examined
  • Reorganisation and improvements to the PM Research Centre –  launch planned later this year, June 18th.