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Great Change- The Last Generation Oral History Project.

Take part in our new Oral History Project

“History has its eyes on you” George Washington sang to the audience watching the musical Hamilton stream via Disney+ from the comfort of their living room. The Covid-19 Pandemic was sweeping across the globe, forcing international lockdowns and quarantines when the musical was released online.

Washington was right. History watches over and listens to everyone. History is made when we share our stories and memories with the rest of the world. The oral tradition that has existed since the very dawn of humanity, means that we are remembered by our families and our communities.

This is something that local and social history museums have recognised for years, by collecting oral history from the public. Museums have the ability to record, keep, and preserve the stories that shape the narrative that gets handed down through generations.

Now, history is not only close to home, but it is on the inside.

The Great Change Oral History Project will compare the present with the past by collecting both the Last Generations' stories of the slum clearances, war, and migration but also the stories of the Last Generation to experience the world Pre-Covid-19 and their experiences throughout the pandemic. The two subjects may seem at odds with each other, but there are many common themes. In both aspects, we are able to explore the loss of community when neighbourhoods are forced to move out or stay inside, but also about human resilience, strength, and pride of the King’s Lynn people. These subjects demonstrate their ability to adapt to even the greatest change.

It is the largest oral history project the Museum has ever attempted and aims to collect over 1,000 stories of change from the King’s Lynn public. We hope to reflect on how the town has changed, through the eyes of the people that saw it. This project has been made possible through a grant of £3,900 from The Esmée Fairbairn Collections Fund.

True’s Yard Fisherfolk Museum wants you to take part in the oral history project, by telling us your stories. If you have memories about the North End, the Covid pandemic, war, migration, and change that you or your family would like to share, get involved, and be a part of history.

Stories given to True’s Yard will be kept at the True’s Yard sound archives, as a record of the local history, and used to create exhibitions online and in-person in 2021.

To take part, simply click on the button below to download a Do-It-Yourself participation pack for you and your family, or contact the museum at or 01553 7770479 for more options.