Silver Jubilee Appeal Update- so long and thanks for all the fish!

Letter from the Chairman of the Trust

As the Silver Jubilee Appeal at True’s Yard draws to a close, we would like to thank those people in Lynn and West Norfolk who have supported us. The funds raised so far are allowing the trustees to repair buildings, develop community project and upgrade the Museum.

The North End Trust will close the Silver Jubilee Appeal this December. We need to raise more money to complete the restoration of “Activity”, the 1904 fishing smack in the Yard. With the Georgian cottages and Victorian smokehouse the boat is a tremendous heritage asset.

Though the trustees will need to raise funds in the future, the success of the Appeal Funds means we can look forward with confidence to the next 25 years. As a heritage site dedicated to the celebration of Lynn’s fisherfolk, a community hub, and education and research centre and not least a tourist attraction, the Museum has been given a boost. Thus we are most grateful to numerous individuals who have made donations great and small as well as grant awarding trusts and other organisations in Lynn, Norwich and beyond.

It would not be possible to list all the individuals and bodes who have helped True’s Yard over the last 18 months or more. In Lynn itself we have been well supported by the Borough Council, The King’s Lynn Preservation Trust, A.M. Stratford Trust, William Cleave Charitable Trust, Rotary Club of King’s Lynn and Associated British Ports. And with nearby Sandringham, the Museum received a donation from HM The Queen.

Thanks should also be given to the Friends of True’s Yard and VIP Club of North End Ladies as well as our band of wonderful volunteers and small staff team. Our six Vice Presidents and ad hoc Appeal Committee deserve our gratitude too.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Paul Richards,


The North End Trust